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SMARTer Manufacturing

In response to our customers’ needs and driven by a desire to produce the highest quality products for them, Vanguard has created a proprietary manufacturing execution system, SMARTer Manufacturing™, that is unparalleled in the EMS market. The SMARTer Manufacturing™ system provides:


•  Best-in-class factory floor process flow and control

•  Online, paperless work instructions

•  Bar code interface

•  NPI checklist editor ensures customer requirements are properly met

•  Component and product level traceability

•  Real-time quality measurement and tracking

•  Corrective Action hosting, status and disposition and operates as an integrated CAPA system


SMARTer Manufacturing™ provides our skilled team with real-time information and substantially limits the risks that exist in a complex manufacturing process.

Come see how Vanguard’s SMARTer Manufacturing™ execution system provides the process and resources to meet your requirements for high quality products.

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