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SMARTer Manufacturing™

Manufacturing Without Compromises

Device quality, traceability, and reliability are non-negotiables In the world of high-complexity electronics. At Vanguard EMS, we know our manufacturing information tools must complement the high standards of your products. Enter SMARTer Manufacturing™.

SMARTer Manufacturing™ is our proprietary process flow and manufacturing execution system. Unlike generic manufacturing software, SMARTer is designed from the ground up exclusively for electronics manufacturing. It’s our no-compromise approach to building high-quality, reliable devices with comprehensive traceability.

“As industry standards and customer requirements become exponentially more complex, SMARTer Manufacturing™ provides you peace of mind: your product is precisely built and tested to your specifications.” - Floyd Sutz, CEO, Vanguard EMS

SMARTer Manufacturing™ Provides Full Information Control

With SMARTer Manufacturing™, nothing is left to chance. We’ve gone to great lengths to remove uncertainty and ambiguity. As a result, your products are built reliably, at reasonable cost, with full traceability.

SMARTer Manufacturing™ provides:

• Work instructions based on your engineering files and specifications, eliminating the potential for mistakes in interpretation.

• Immediate, detailed device record call-up when you request it.

• Online, interactive work instructions for improved clarity, real-time control of changes, and fewer mistakes.

• Rapid quality reporting and analysis down to the solder joint.

• Built-in protections: before work instructions can be accessed, technicians must be fully trained to customer requirements and pass daily ESD tests.

• Data collection and analysis, including test trends.

With SMARTer Manufacturing™, you’ll be empowered to make better decisions, respond quickly to product changes, and rapidly troubleshoot issues if they arise.

This is SMARTer

When we could not find a commercially available manufacturing software to meet the rigorous demands of high-complexity electronics manufacturing, we decided to build it ourselves.

SMARTer Manufacturing

SMARTer Manufacturing™ began as a database that tracked every part, test, and failure. By incorporating feedback from engineers and technicians who used it, we continued to refine and improve the SMARTer system.

Today, the entire Vanguard EMS production facility is controlled through the SMARTer system. Beyond device records and tests, the SMARTer system governs who can work on your devices, whether or not technicians have been appropriately trained, what tool, equipment, or process has touched each device at every stage of manufacturing, and more. SMARTer Manufacturing™ is completely optimized to consistently and reliably produce high-complexity electronics to the tightest of tolerances.

To continue delivering the highest levels of device quality and traceability to our customers, we continue to improve, update, and add to SMARTer Manufacturing™ to keep it on the cutting edge of electronics manufacturing systems.

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