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Leading Edge Devices Built with Focus and Flexibility

You're trying to get a high-quality power or RF product to market on time. When deadlines loom and costs need to be managed, Vanguard EMS can give your project the attention it needs to get across the finish line.

We offer Tier 1 resources and expertise, but we stay aligned through your product lifecycle until completion. You gain first-class manufacturing capabilities, without having to fight to be heard.

An Attentive Extension of Your Team

Vanguard EMS stays focused through sustained product changes and tight deadlines.

Our experts provide early design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for excellence (DFX) feedback, with detailed bill of materials materials health reports and any necessary alternates. You’ll have easy access to manufacturing quality information down to the solder joint and component level, so you can make decisions with less guesswork.

Our program management teams keep your product at the forefront of their attention, so it keeps moving quickly through design and configuration changes. Our experienced materials team helps you mitigate counterfeits, meet RoHS standards, and control costs. Customer product specialists stay focused on documentation and revision control so your product moves through production smoothly.

As a result, problems get solved quickly, projects stay on schedule, and you stay in control of your program throughout manufacturing.

Quality: We Leave Nothing To Chance

Vanguard EMS enforces rigorous reliability and quality standards from the moment a technician steps onto the manufacturing floor.

Even before work begins, employees entering our facility must pass an integrated ESD test, and cannot work on a device without passing. We produce interactive, illustrated work instructions that take all guesswork out of assembly, and our highly qualified technicians can only work on products once they have been trained to your requirements.

We utilize test strategies that catch and correct defects at each stage of the manufacturing process, saving you time and money. Our ViTrox Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI) tool examines PCBAs at the micron level to detect irregularities other processes might miss. Our 12-zone reflow oven with nitrogen provides granular control over solder uniformity through product-specific reflow profiles. This ensures solder joint consistency across PCBAs while maintaining low production times.

When your company's reputation is on the line, you can be confident that your products have been built and tested to exacting standards.

Who We Serve

• Product changes happen frequently, and you need a nimble EMS to work with you through the process.

• You need an attentive program management team to efficiently guide your product through prototyping, new product introduction, and manufacturing to completion.

• Companies that want to get their product to market quickly, with high quality.

• Your project has a high cost of failure, and your EMS has to help you minimize risks.

• Teams facing complex assembly challenges, but requiring Tier 1 manufacturing capabilities.

• You need an EMS with separate IPC2 and IPC3 manufacturing lines to control costs.

• Your current supplier is not meeting your service, quality, cost, or schedule expectations.


• Build-to-print and Copy Exact manufacturing.

• Multiple build levels:

• Sub-level: Partial electrical and/or mechanical assemblies.

• Box build: Multiple sub-level assemblies wired together.

• System-level: Final product built and tested to regulatory requirements. Includes manuals, final packaging, and any branding requirements.

• Power:

• Complete void area analysis through 3D X-Ray and C-scan mapping; mitigation strategies include 12-zone nitrogen reflow.

• Solder joint compliance to IPC Class 3 on thick substrates with significant copper.

• RF:

• Assembly and test of complex RF systems with multiple complex PCBAs.

• Speeds up to 18 GHz.

• Real-time detection and avoidance of defects that affect signal integrity, including tin whiskers, billboarding, and tombstoning.

• Root cause analysis and upscreening of component tolerance stack up.

• Real-time collaborative review of test results: trends, drifts, and frequency performance.

• Shielding.

SMARTer Manufacturing Keeps You In Control

SMARTer Manufacturing™ is our proprietary process flow and manufacturing execution system, designed and refined specifically for electronics manufacturing for over 12 years to provide you an extremely high degree of robust information, tracking and holistic quality control.

Rapid Manufacturing Feedback

SMARTer Manufacturing™ provides you near real-time quality measurement and tracking information, from the initial order of goods through production and testing. With the following information available to you, you’ll have clear insight into your product as it progresses through the manufacturing process:

• Detailed data to the solder joint level to assist efficient decision making for product improvements.

• Test trends and drifts for collaborative review.

• Near real-time quality measurement and tracking to aid FRACAS if a problem arises.

Zero Tolerance for Risk

SMARTer Manufacturing™ is designed to substantially limit risks in complex manufacturing processes:

• Technicians are always trained to the latest standards. SMARTer does not allow work on a product if a technician has not been trained to all relevant requirements.

• Technicians cannot bring up electronic work instructions if they failed their ESD test.

• SMARTer produces a highly detailed device history record, down to the solder joint level. Every piece of equipment, every tool, and every team member (and their training records) is recorded.

• Defects are stopped before moving on to the next manufacturing step.


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