Quality System

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Quality System

Vanguard recognizes that superior performance is based on employees’ commitment to excellence and the processes they adhere to. Our reliability is based on this commitment and the structure of our Quality System. It is the foundation for the management of our business and the cornerstone of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

These principles are captured in our Quality Policy... “Quality Begins with Me”

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Process Control

• Established processes support our business activities
• Product quality is maintained through systems of standardization and process control



• Our fundamental approach is to apply technology where appropriate to enhance quality, inspection and process control

• Invest the time, energy and capital required to keep Vanguard on the leading edge of technology



• Understand and communicate the requirements of our job and the systems that support our performance through training and education


Excellence and Integrity

• Go the extra mile in all areas of our business

• Committing to Excellence is essential for our growth and long-term survival

• Respect each other and accept responsibility for our work


Continuous Improvement

• Strive to make continuous improvement a part of every day and every job while maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS)

• Continuous Improvement is an on-going process, not an event


Customer Satisfaction

• Know who our customers are and what they require, then meet or exceed those expectations

• We listen to their feedback and respond to the best of our technical and managerial abilities. We are committed to their complete satisfaction

• Each team provides quality of service as an integral part of their everyday interactions with our customers




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